The project aims at broadening the awareness, competence and skills of volunteers through the activation and integration of residents of 3 Lodz courtyards: 2 from the revitalized areas and 1 in Retkinia district. It is an integral part of the festival program of FOLK INSPIRATIONS. Its aim is to create a common space for playing, getting to know each other, opening to new cultures and art, tolerance, as well as arousing willingness to act, make changes, and build a positive image of oneself and the whole community among the residents within the project. For volunteers, it will be a great opportunity to enrich their knowledge about the revitalization program of the city of Lodz, to get to know residents from the area at risk of social exclusion and to acquire new volunteering experiences.



1. Training of volunteers and meetings with „Lighthouse Keepers” in order to establish contacts with residents of courtyards, organize meetings and workshops aiming at the involvement of residents in project and festival activities. Trainings and workshops will take place at J. Tuwim Youth Centre in Łódź.

2. Organizing artistic-cultural evenings “Folk courtyards” by residents and volunteers, during which artistic performances of participants from various countries will take place as well as handicraft workshops for children and adults, integration games, tasting dishes prepared by courtyard housewives and invited guests.

The “VOLUNTEERS’ COURTYARDS” project is addressed to volunteers associated in the Foundation for Promotion and Support of Creativity CONVIVO and in Lodz Youth Volunteering Center, as well as to residents of 3 Łódź courtyards (families with small children, people aged 14-26 and 50+) – altogether 200 people. Participants of FOLK INSPIRATIONS and interested residents of the city of Lodz will also take part in it.