The 2018 GOLDEN BOAT– DESIGN Competition is organised in the frameworks of the 8th International Festival of Youth Creativity FOLK INSPIRATIONS held in Lodz and Zalecze Wielkie from the 23th until the 30th June 2018. The competition is for students and graduates of artistic schools as well as young designers inspired by the rich cultural traditions of various nations and ethnic groups of the world.

1. Organiser of the competition
Julian Tuwim Youth Centre in Lodz
CONVIVO Foundation for Promotion and Support of Creativity

2. Aim of the competition
The aim of the competition is to inspire young designers to create works based on folklore, folk culture and traditions of various nations and ethnic groups of the world, as well as to conscious and creative participation in the 8th International Festival of Youth Creativity FOLK INSPIRATIONS.

3. Participants of the competition
The participants of the competition are adults and youth, according to the age categories set – young designers with passion and imagination who can understand the market, latest trends and social needs and know how to put their ideas into practice.

4. Age categories
Category I: ages 15–17,
Category II: ages 18–26,
Category III: ages 27-30.

5. Competition works
1) The subject of the work should refer to folklore, cultures and traditions of regions, countries and nations of the world. It may be inspired by traditional folk patterns and ethnic elements and should combine traditional elements with contemporary design.
2) The work should have a practical function and refer to folklore giving it new, contemporary form of a textile product (e.g. carpets, curtains, cushions, tapestry,clothing or jewellery).
3) One may enter the collection of 3 patterns-reports later to be printed on textiles.
4) Each participant of the competition may send up to 2 works.
5) Competition works may have the following forms:
a. ready-made product – in 1:1 scale
b. a model or a sculpture – in case the project involves creation of an object which cannot be exhibited due to excessive size or non-typical form.
c. the collection of 3 patterns-the maximum 40×40 cm report sent in JPG, in RGB and CMYK colours, on the CD with a “moodboard” in A3 print.
6) Each work should have a CD attached to it with photos or scans of the works as well as a short description (max 15 sentences) about the author’s experience in design field, sources of inspiration, materials used, the object’s dimensions, utility functions and conditions of presentation and exhibiting. All information must be on the attached CD.
7) The competition work must have a permanently and neatly attached information containing the following: author’s name, age, place of residence, region, country, e-mail address, phone number, title of the work. This data must also be on the CD.

6. Assessment criteria
1) Accordance with the competition regulations, understanding of the subject,
2) Potential of the project’s implementation,
3) Market attractiveness of the product, innovation,
4) Method of the project’s presentation, clarity of the concept,
5) Originality,
6) Esthetical value, visual attractiveness, quality of realisation,
7) Functionality
8) Presentation and ability to explain the project.

7. Registration for the competition
1) Participants are required to register at by filling in the electronic FESTIVAL REGISTRATION FORM – 2018 GOLDEN BOAT – DESIGN Competition. Submitting the electronic registration form is equivalent to accepting the rules of the competition and the rules of the Festival. Online registration will be open from the 10th of April 2018 until the 10th of June 2018 inclusive. After that date registrations will not be accepted.
2) Participants are required to pay the competition fee of 15 PLN (7 Euro) to the bank account of FUNDACJA PROMOCJI I WSPIERANIA TWORCZOSCI CONVIVO, address: 90-106 Lodz, Traugutta 5/5, account no BZWBK 79 1090 2705 0000 0001 1024 6980. The transfer should specify the first name and family name of the participant. This payment is per participant, not per number of works. The lack of payment will equal rejection of the competition works.

8. Submission of the competition works
1) The competition works, along with their electronic documentation on a CD, should be sent by post or delivered to the following address: Pałac Młodzieży im. J. Tuwima w Łodzi (Julian Tuwim Youth Centre in Lodz), 94-050 Lodz, 86 Wyszynskiego Str. The post should be labelled: “2018 GOLDEN BOAT – DESIGN Competition”. The works should be sent or delivered no later than by the 15th June 2018.
2) Works sent by post should be secured by firm packaging and bear the exact address of the sender. The organiser is not responsible for destruction of the work for reasons beyond his control.

9. The results of the competition 2018 GOLDEN BOAT – DESIGN
1) The competition works will be assessed by the professional Jury. Winners will receive statuettes – GOLDEN, SILVER and BRONZE BOATS, diplomas and prizes.
2) Informacja o miejscu i godzinie wernisażu i uroczystości wręczenia nagród będzie dostępna na stronie internetowej do dnia 15.04.2018 r. Laureaci konkursu zostaną poinformowani o werdykcie Jury telefonicznie i mailowo.

10. Other organizational provisions
1) The competition participant declares that is the author of the work, has copyright to the work submitted for the competition and transfers it to the organisers of the Festival for the purpose of publication and other forms of dissemination.
2) Competition participant transfers copyrights to the organisers free of charge without time and territorial restrictions, in the fields of exploitation referred to in Article 50 of the Polish Law on Copyright and Related Rights of the 4th February 1994, in particular with regard to the publication, recording, reproduction, also by means of
digital technology, publication on the organisers’ websites and in all promotional and advertising materials, regardless of the method of reproduction and marketing.
3) The organiser does not return the works. The works selected for the exhibition can be collected by the winners after the exhibition period, by the date specified by the organiser or, with the consent of the author, become the property of the organiser. Non selected works will be collected by participants from the reception of the Youth Centre in Lodz, during the opening hours, after telephone notice – tel.: +48 42 686 34 45.
4) In the event of insufficient registrations to one of the above age categories, the organiser reserves the right to combine categories.
5) Questions concerning the competition should be directed to the Festival Office at the e-mail address: