Folk courtyards – evening meetings of the festival participants with the inhabitants of Lodz courtyards, “wells” in the selected places in the revitalization area of ​​the city of Lodz. The especially created group related to POLTEX dance and song group will invite people for these activities. The repertoire of performances and games with the inhabitants will refer to the pieces of courtyard groups. On specially arranged stages, prepared together with the residents of the courtyards, there will be an evening concert with the participation of native and foreign festival groups.

Festival parade along Piotrkowska street. – joyful and full of positive energy parade along Piotrkowska street, music and dance presentations. This activity will be enriched by animation addressed to the inhabitants of Lodz and the Lodz voivodship, which will contribute to familiarizing the audience with the rich and colorful forms of cultural heritage of Poland, but also of many different nations – dance, singing, traditional instruments, traditional costumes and folk customs. The parade will be led by a brass orchestra.
Photo-folk-frame” – taking photographs in festival spaces. A specially prepared frame will be made use of by volunteers. Photographs will be sent to recipients to the address indicated.

“Folk-installation” – creating a construction thematically related to the idea of ​​the festival (by youth and the festival audience). The installation will be based on a metal structure filled with fabrics, strings and other materials that will create the identification of the festival and the ideological message of the festival created during the activities with the target group.