“Among the old Romans, Celts and Slavs” – a fair of old crafts, customs, knights’ fights demonstrations, Slavic village, chariot race, fire shows, baking bread, making pots and dishes, jewellery workshops. The reconstruction and event groups will be invited to carry out this task.

Expedition along the amber trail –guided bike, coach and canoe trips that aim at getting acquainted with the cultural and landscape heritage of the Wieluń region related to the history of the amber trail.

An out-door game “In search of amber”
– a thematic game with traces of a legend
about the enchanted amber, which will lead through the routes of Nadwarciański Park Krajobrazowy. During the game, the participants will face various tasks related to the historical trail prepared by Polish youth for foreign festival participants.

Old music concert – Celtic and Celtic-Irish music groups will be invited to the amphitheater in Załęcze Wielkie, the Slavonic part of the concert repertoire will be prepared by festival participants who have a rich repertoire of dances and songs referring to old rites.

Midsummer Night - during Kupala ‘s Night, all participants of the festival and invited residents of Załęcze Małe and Pątnów will participate in a specially prepared performance by the Warta river. Polish, Ukrainian, Belorussian and Russian dance and vocal groups will prepare a performance that will refer to the rituals and traditions of the Midsummer Night.

“Creativity croft”choreographic, vocal, journalistic and photographic workshops – workshops in all areas of folk inspiration carried out by specialists for festival participants, deepening creative skills of young people, thematically based on selected elements of cultural and folk traditions of the Wieluń and Sieradz region. Each workshop group will prepare a presentation, which will be presented to festival participants.

Concert “Folk wander on the Amber Trail” – a concert of folklore and contemporary inspirations related to culture and traditions in the amphitheater of Nadwarciański Gród presenting dance, music and vocal groups from different countries. In the concert special lighting effects, multimedia shows and fire theater presentations will be used. Thematically the concert will refer to the travel along the Amber Trail. Residents of nearby villages who will be brought by special “folk buses” will also take part in the concert.

“Fire-taking- the message of peace in the world” – a meeting of young people from many countries in the world by the fire, during which a theater performance will take place with a rite referring to the idea of peace, tolerance and openness to other cultures. The performance will be prepared by a professional theater group and festival participants – representatives of various nations.

Folk adventure in Załęcze – the realization of a video clip by groups of festival participants, based on their own script and choreography, a music piece, a song presented on stages during the festival. The video film plan will have to refer to the natural and cultural heritage of Załęczański Park Krajobrazowy. The production will take place with the help of professionals employed in the project. The best clips will be awarded in the competition “Golden Boat 2018 – video” and presented during a gala concert in Lodz.