Preparing wreaths – artistic and dance activities in the animated space of Manufaktura in Lodz, a dance performance concerning the tradition of Midsummer Night and the presentation of the fire theater.

Concerts on ETHNO-FOLK STAGE – concerts of dance groups from different countries of the world, young artists inspired by folk and folklore of various nations: soloists, groups, brass orchestra and guitar groups. For 2 days the stage will be located at Manufaktura in Lodz. We are planning to invite a folk star for the final concert of the ethno -folk stage.

Folk flashmob
– dance games taken from various cultures and folklore traditions in the world. The games will take place on Piotrkowska Street and in its vicinity as well as in Manufaktura, with the participation of passers-by, conducted by specialists – dance instructors from Polish and foreign groups and their participants.

Dance and tradition school – two dance evenings for festival participants and volunteers. Fun and dance workshops chosen from the culture of South America, Asia, Africa and Europe with the participation of dancers from professional dance groups. Meetings will be accompanied by films promoting the particular region and its dance traditions.

Gala concert – a concert of the laureates of the “Golden Boat 2018″ competition based on a theme related to the chosen Polish folk legend.